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Car body polishing can be done no matter the color or size of the vehicle. Polishing complete with waxing will protect the car from the surrounding environment – rain, salts and different chemicals. The costs of car body polishing can be determined by taking a look at the vehicle and understanding the wishes and possibilities of the customer.


The need to polish the bodywork is closely related to everyday car care. In order for the car to keep its beautiful appearance, it needs to be waxed at least two times a year, and it should be washed more often, choosing the best car wash available. Body polishing is a service that should be be done by a proffesional.

When polishing the car body, the proffesional has to be competent and understand which defects on the car surface cannot be repaired with the help of polishing.


Before polishing the car, the body must be prepared and cleaned very carefully, which is also one of the most important steps.

  1. The car is washed with car shampoo using a clean sponge/glove and the two-bucket method.
  2. After washing the car, the surface is cleaned of tar, rust dust, remains of insects, linden and other tree flowers, using specially designed agents, chemical and car clays.
  3. Later, the body is dried with special car microfiber cloths and towels that do not damage the protective layer of the car's paint. In addition, an air compressor can be used to blow water out of the grooves between the car parts.
  4. When the car is dry, it gets covered with protective paper tape to prevent polishing paste from getting on parts where it is not needed.