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In addition to car painting and restoration, we also offer various other services. Here you can check service prices and work examples! Contact us to apply for one of the services. kontaktu sadaļā, vai zvanot, lai pieteiktos kādam no pakalpojumiem.


The most common problems with the suspesion are in the brake system, alignment and the steering mechanism.

Firstly, as with any car repair process, diagnostics must be performed to understand exactly which part is worn or damaged. Often when experiencing specific disturbances in driving, you can immediately conclude what the problem is, but that is always not the case.

The main task of the car's suspension is to reduce impact when travelling on an uneven road surface, as well as to ensure safe and comfortable driving, therefore the suspension is regularly exposed to increased workload and should be checked at least once every six months.

The compliance of the car's suspension with safe driving is regulated by Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No.466 attachment"Essential requirements for the technical condition and equipment of vehicles and evaluation of these requirements"


If, while driving your car, you feel that the steering wheel no longer follows, moves freely, pulls to the right or left, it is possible that the steering system or parts of the car's suspension are damaged.

If suspension has received a strong impact (traffic accident, driving into a pit, collision with an obstacle), the biggest risk group is bearings, drive shafts, joints.

If you hear sharp noises while driving, feel an atypical vibration, it is possible that one of the screws securing the suspension has loosened, or a crack that appeared earlier has progressed.