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Perfection 86 workshop provides proffesional car restoration form point A to Z ! If you own an old, vintage or special car that has been hit by the “winds of time” but you want to give it a second life – we can help you. We have restored iconic cars like Wandarer W23, Nissan Skyline R34, Toyota Supra, BMW E30, Toyota AE86 and many others.

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Thanks to our extensive experience and work on projects of all kinds of complexity, you can be sure – your vehicle is in good hands and the best result will be achieved!

What is vehicle restoration?

Vehicle restoration means restoring the car to its original condition. Just the way it was first out of the factory.

Restoration process is very complex, time-consuming and it consists of many different steps. Serious restoration projects, when the vehicle is in very bad condition and full restoration needs to be done, can take up to a year to complete and cost several tens of thousands. Ofcourse, these factors depend mostly on the condition of the vehicle, availability and prices of parts.

The process of vehicle restoration is individual for each project, as each car has been affected differently by the “winds of time”, the list of tasks that need to be performed is unpredictable. Therefore, it is essential to get as much information as possible from the owner of the vehicle, before starting the project.


Even though each vehicle is different, all restoration projects consist of some or all of these steps. Let’s take a look at how a full vehicle restoration takes place in our workshop step by step.

  1. Familiarization
    All restoration projects start the same way – we meet you, your vehicle, and the goals you want to achieve. After, the first assessment of the project takes place. Before starting the project, we will ask you to send a variety of detailed photographs and we will try to find out everything we can about possible car defects, so we can know what to expect later, and also create a plan and an estimate budget for the work.
  2. Dismantling, assessing the project and setting the price
    To understand the true condition of the vehicle, all of its components need to be fully disassembled. This can only be done when the car is in our workshop. After a full evaluation of the car, a list of necessary spare parts is created and a final estimate is drawn up, which is agreed with the owner.
  3. Restoration of the bodywork
    The first and also one of the biggest jobs to be done is the restoration of the bodywork. The original parts are chromed and galvanized. The damaged areas are welded, the welder processes the welding seams, primes and fills the necessary areas and prepares the body for painting.

4. Painting
First, the surface that is about to be painted is thoroughly washed and dried so that the base is maximally prepared for the application of paint. The next step is to choose the most suitable color according to the customer's wishes and decide what the most suitable application method will be. The paint is applied in several layers and covered with clear coat. After the painting and clear coating is complete, the car is polished if needed.
5. Repair of engine and related units
We also do engine and suspension repairs. Engine repair consists of engine disassembly and diagnostic, procurement of necessary spare parts, engine block and cylinder head inspection/repair and assembly. Next, the mechanic restores the car's chassis and its related parts.

6. Interior restoration
This is the only restoration job that is not done at the Perfection 86 workshop. We give this task to tested, trusted and proven specialists in their profession. The interior or only its damaged parts are removed and taken to another workshop.
7. Assembling
One of the last steps in vehicle restoring is putting it back together. This is a very important step in the process, because it requires extensive experience in car structure and knowledge of the particular model. All repaired and new parts are installed, the engine and interior are also installed during this step.
8. Preparation for delivery to the customer
Before the finished project is handed over to the customer, we complete all the necessary tests to make sure that everything works and that the car is safe to use on the road. Ofcourse, the last "touch" is also added - the interior is cleaned and the body is washed, so that the customer can enjoy getting into the freshly renovated and gorgeous car!


As we have already mentioned, each restoration project is different, so it is impossible to determine its exact price before disassembling the vehicle. Although, each project is different, the price is based on the following main criteria:

> Car body condition
> Engine condition
> Suspension condition
> Interior condition
> Availability of spare parts
> Individual wishes of the client
> …and various other factors.