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Tow truck services

We will deliver your favorite vehicle to any service or place of your choice. We will help you transport, get out of the ditch or deliver your valuable vehicle to your address.


If you own an old or special car that has been affected by the "ravages of time", but you want to give it a second life - we will help you.


By polishing the car body, it is possible to get rid of places on the body that have become matted, formed micro-cracks, as well as to get rid of streaks, which have been caused by long-term car washing with the wrong technique and equipment.

Repair and maintenance of engines

We carry out overhauls of engines, which include engine disassembly and damage, purchase of necessary spare parts, inspection/repair of the engine block and head, and assembly according to the standards set by the manufacturer.

Car body painting and repair

We offer a full complex of body restoration and repair works for damages of any complexity that meet the manufacturer's standards.

Suspension maintenance

The main task of the car's suspension is to reduce impact when travelling on an uneven road surface, as well as to ensure safe and comfortable driving, therefore the suspension is regularly exposed to increased workload and should be checked at least once every six months.